Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Editor to Reporter: An art walk with purpose.

To: Rita Reporter

From: Editor La Noticia

There is an exciting new exhibit at Levine Museum of the New South that depicts and admires the contribution of the Latino community to the southeast. There is a lot of information on the growth of not only the size of the community, but the cultural impact. Influence on food, music, and work ethic have helped shape the South in many ways. This exhibit illustrate this in a positive way.

One of Pres. Barrack Obama’s immigration policies was an executive action that allows certain undocumented immigrants (illegal aliens) to the United States who entered the country before their 16th birthday and before June 2007 to receive a renewable two-year work permit and exemption from deportation.

This exhibit is relevant to all people because the future of a better America is under siege. With a clear representation of the positive effects of how multiple cultures mingling together can make the mundane chores of everyday life into a miniature adventure, what else could this crucial group of people offer society?

Students, college one’s specifically, are being threatened by President-elect Donald Trump’s new immigration laws. Undocumented people forced to pay the high fees of out-of-state tuition and Trump’s new policies encourage such difficulty with furthering education and documentation hoops to jump through. The Hispanic and Latino community are simply wanting to attend a college to further their education, get a better job, and provide a better life for their families. This is the case for most people of all races. Where is the issue with this? Is there one?

Your job is to go to the exhibit. Observe the way people respond to facts and videos. Are the interested? Are they shocked at anything? Can they relate? We need a wide demographic. We want a variety of ages, races, genders. When you see an individual, who is touched by something, try to give them a moment and later set up a short interview. Why were they there that day specifically?

We will also need an interview with a student, or a few students, who has been faced with a challenge such as this? What was the outcome? What did the student learn about the process? What do they see for the future?

This is a very important topic. A lot of readers aren’t even aware that hard working contributors to our society are facing these issues, much less deportation. Are other students ambivalent? What can be done?

I would like an outline, and at least three sources in one week.

Good Luck,

Eva Editor, La Noticia

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